Auto Referesh or Trigger the refresh to show the updated results


I have one use case in which when I add the data to the AppSearch Engine from UI, it should reflect the changes on the Result View section(using Reference UI) at that moment.
Currently, I need to refresh the page, only after that, it shows the newly added data to the Result section.

I have tried the setSearchTerm("") but it doesn't work . Please help and advise.

Hi Team,
If someone can help here.

Sorry, I thought I posted a reply to this, not sure what happened, trying again.

Search UI will cache responses by default, to keep the UI fast. You can turn this off using the cacheResponses configuration on the App Search connector: search-ui/ at cb774e2ab1e6831ff40523c62d76b57d4c71ed5f · elastic/search-ui · GitHub

Thanks, @JasonStoltz , Will try this and update here. :slight_smile:

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