Auto Refetch/refresh result on clearing search box text

Result is not get automatically refresh or fetched on clearing entered text from search box ?
Its showing old result. Need to hit search button or enter.

@Swapnil_Ghorpade Could you please be more specific with your questions?

Are you using Search UI for this?

I don't think I understand the question. Why would you expect the search results to refresh without submitting the search form?

@JasonStoltz yes I'm using search-ui.
is it possible to call search api to get default result on clearing the search box input as {query: ""} ?

@Swapnil_Ghorpade I'm curious what the root of your problem is, it doesn't seem like something you should be running into. That being said, you can of course use the setSearchTerm action to execute a new query


@JasonStoltz thanks for response..

yes I got it

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