Auto suggest on a static list of records

Hi ,

I have a simple use case of auto suggest and i am trying to build that
using ES.

Basically i have the following mapping

"Amazon INC" -> "Amazon" , "AMZN" , "12345" , "RES33"
"Amona INC" -> "Amona" , "AMON" , "2345" , "RESss"
"Yahoo INC" -> "Yahoo" , "YHOO" , "3456" , "OKI876"
"Google INC" -> "Google" , "GOOG" , "3445" , "POO099"

"America" -> "America" , "US"
"India" -> "India"
"UK" -> "Britain" , "UK"

So basically i have the above data. I need to map all the keywords on the
left of the mapping to the right.

So , if i search for

query - AM

Result should be

"Region" : [ "America"],
"Companies" : [ "Amazon INC" , "Amona INC"]

One main point to be noted is that

  • For any search , there should be maximum of 10 results from each type
    (Like region or companies) and NOT total 10.

How can i achieve this using ES.



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