Autocomplete and searching against multiple term fields

I'm integrating elasticsearch into an asset tracking application. When I
setup the mapping initially, I envisioned the 'brand' field being a
single-term field like 'Hitachi', or 'Ford'. Instead, I'm finding that the
brand field in the actual data contains multiple terms like: "MB 7 A/B",
"B-7" or even "Brush Bull BB72X".

I have an autocomplete component setup now that I configured to do
autocomplete against an edgeNGram field, and perform the actual search
against an nGram field. It's completely useless the way I set it up because
users expect the search results to be restricted to what the autocomplete

Any suggestions on the best way to setup my mapping to support autocomplete
and subsequent searches against a multiple term field like this? I'm
considering a terms query against a keyword field, or possibly a match
query with 'and' as the operator? Also, anything special I need to do to
search against terms with a hyphen in them like "B-7"?

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