Autocomplete for City name with departure city as context

Hi I'm trying to create an autocomplete suggester for a travel website. You can enter a "From City" (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc...) and then a "To City".46
I don't have any problem having Completion Suggester working for each separate box, but this gets more complicated when I want to return the "To City" according to the "From City".
I explain, we have a list of popular routes with score:

  • New York to Chicago = 10
  • New York to Boston = 8
  • etc...

If somebody has already selected "New York" as "From City" when he's looking for the "To City" on top of the Completion Suggester I would like to have the results ordered by the score of the popular route.
I tried to map city as the following but I can't add the score. Any idea of how to integrate the score in my query?

The index:

settings: {
"analysis": {
"filter": {
"autocomplete_filter": {
"type": "edge_ngram",
"min_gram": 2,
"max_gram": 20
"shingle_filter": {
"type": "shingle",
"max_shingle_size": 3
"analyzer": {
"autocomplete": {
"type": "custom",
"tokenizer": "standard",
"filter": [

The Mapping

properties: {
  city: { type: 'text'},
  station: {type: 'text'},
  country: { type: 'text'},
  countryCode: { type: 'text'},
  countrySlug: { type: 'text'},
  stationSlug: {type: 'text'},
  citySlug: {type: 'text'},
  name_suggest: {
    type: 'completion',
    analyzer: 'autocomplete',
    search_analyzer: 'standard',
    contexts: [
        name: 'location_type',
        type: 'category',
        name: 'from_city',
        type: 'category',


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