Autocomplete for siteSearch in SearchUI

I am trying to fix autocomplete for the SiteSearch Engine with SearchUI. I am unable to fix autocomplete with headless core components(my own build component) whereas it works for "SearchBox" SearchUI built-in component.
I tried to add "beforeAutocompleteResultsCall" but not working.
beforeAutocompleteResultsCall: (options, next) =>
group: {
field: 'title'

Please provide help !

Hi @sarrame,

Call this action from your custom component:

setSearchTerm('river', {
  autocompleteResults: true,
  refresh: false

The details are listed here:

After you call that, the results will be populated in the autocompletedResults field in state.

Documented here:

Hope that helps,


Thanks @JasonStoltz for quick response, will try it out !

Hi Jason @JasonStoltz , Do we have any example/ demo for Site search with SearchUI ? As I started newly on this I looking out for more options kindly let me know.


There are demos of Search UI running with App Search, Site Search, and Elasticsearch here:

The code for that is in our Sandbox example:

Hope that helps.

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