Site Search Engine not supporting autocompleteSuggestions

Hi All,

I have code implemented with react elastic search ui component "SearchBox" to have autocompleteSuggestions.
With documentation seems this should work for all engine types. But I am stuck on achieving this feature, can anyone help on this !!

Config :
export const searchEngineConfig = {
apiConnector: searchEngineConnector,
autocompleteQuery: {
suggestions: {
types: {
documents: {
fields: ['title']
size: 4

should i try using beforeSearchCall to achieve this feature @JasonStoltz any thoughts could you help me on this ?

Hey @sarrame. Not all features are supported by Site Search in Search UI. The features are listed here:

While autocomplete "autocompleteSuggestions" won't work, "autocompleteResults" will. See

There is no way to get autocompleteSuggestions to work with Site Search because query suggestions are not supported in the Site Search API.

Does that make sense?

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