Autocomplete over multiple fields while maintaining context

Hi all!

So my challenge is the following. I need to autocomplete an input that is based on 3 fields (tags, category, industry).
So the autocompletion should return values from those 3 fields, however, the response of an autocomplete request should also have the field that it matched on so I don't loose the context of the autocomplete.


tags: foobar, foo, bar
category: foo,

If I type in "fo" then I want to have something that resembles the following as an autocomplete response:

"tags": foobar, foo
"category": foo

As far as my entire afternoon search went, I've found only partial solutions such as autocompleting over multiple fields by putting them into an _all field which is then analyzed, but that solutions looses its context.

The context suggester looks promising but I haven't gotten it to work just yet. To be fair i( might just be me ) that documentation page lacks a serious example :(.

Thanks in advance!