AutoCorrect In Elastic Search

What is the best way to use Autocorrect (not autosuggest ) in elastic search ? can someone please suggest.


You mean like run a suggest and decide to search on the suggestion automatically if the suggestion looks much much better than what the user typed? You can use _suggest or _search for that.

As per my understanding, suggestion will give relevant word with some fuzziness of characters. But if i misspelled some word , will it autocorrect and give corrected word ?

Some of the cases which we are looking for ( for example pizza hut is a correct word )

  1. If i query : "pizza huu" it should return "pizza hut"
  2. if i query : "pizzahut" it should return "pizza hut"

Can you please suggest some pointers on this.

Thanks in advance.

I dont think suggester will return. The option i could see is synonym.:slight_smile:

I got the same problem with you, and I follow the web site solution, hope it works with yours too.