Automatic Dashboard Filter


I have a dashboard displaying the status of some web pages (i.e. up or down) and I am wondering if it's possible to apply a filter automatically based on a given time frame to exclude certain sites? For example from 8 AM - 8 PM my sites are expected to show available, but outside of that time frame some sites are expected to show down and I am wondering if I can just automatically set a filter at a given time to filter out those expected sites since I know they will always be reporting down at that time.

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There isn't a way to automatically do it based on time in kibana, you'll need something to update it. The filter bar is stored in the url, so one option is to create a markdown visualization that links to the filtered result set. Another option is a cron job that will update the saved search to include/exclude Easiest but more difficult to maintain is probably saving the same dashboard twice with different searches.

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