Automatic login into Kibana iframe for AD group members

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Hi ,
I know this issue has been raised before many times but I was not able to find solution.
I am using kibana iframe on our internal website and I want to disable the login screen in kibana for my users.

we have defined AD group(Xpack-Security) with read access for our website users ,so I want to bypass login screen in my iframe for my AD group members.

I have tried passing username and password with iframe and that is not working.
can I do something on kibana side to automatically authenticate the AD group members without login screen? or should I I work on my website end to make automatic login?


Hi @rahulkothanath,

I guess your only choice is to point iframe to the the proxy in front of Kibana that would add Authorization: Basic *** HTTP header to the request that will be forwarded to the Kibana. Like explained here or here.


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