Automatically create "logstash-*" as index pattern for Kibana

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Hi all ,
I'm using the elatic stack ( logstash 5.3.0 , kibana 5.3.0 and elasticsearch 5.3.0) with Docker
I'm running a test environment where all the Docker containers are being removed and recreated automatically every day . So every time you have to recreate the " logstash-* " index
So is there a solution to make logstash-* the default index ?
Even the elasticsearch container is being removed every day so i can't use :
curl -XPUT http://ip_address:9200/.kibana/index-pattern/logstash-* -d '{"title" : "logstash-", "timeFieldName": "@timestamp"}'
curl -XPUT http://ip_address:9200/.kibana/config/5.3.0 -d '{"defaultIndex" : "logstash-

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Why not persist the elasticsearch data by mounting a volume?

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Yes , thank you . it work

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