Automatically index from an Elasticsearch index

I realize there is no way to use an Elasticsearch index as a source for Enterprise Search (App or Workplace). That's unfortunate and hopefully that changes in the future.

Is there an "easy" way to re-index an existing Elasticsearch index into App Search? Meaning, if a document is updated in the Elasticsearch index, it would also be updated in the App Search index.

Hey @EricPSU,

Whatever system is pushing the change to the non-Enterprise Search index would need to trigger an update into App Search as well. I suspect the ideal solution is for that origin system to have a dedicated integration with Enterprise Search. Is it internally built or some off the shelf software?


Thanks for the response. The source is an internally built system so no existing connector would work. It would be great in the future if Enterprise Search could just use an existing Elastic index and allow for mapping to the structure Enterprise Search needs.