Can Elastic App search be enabled in a non Enterpise environment

Is it possible to enable the Elastic App Search functionality in a regular Elastic Search deployment rather than using an Elastic Enterprise Search deployment? Or do I have to move all my indices to an Elastic Enterprise Search deployment. I would rather be able to enable enable Enterprise Search in my existing deployments if possible

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the question!

I assume you're referring to the Elastic Cloud deployment template (please correct me if I'm wrong!): we use the same Elasticsearch instances that you would see in the highCPU template, because we found those work best with App Search. We're looking into having App Search (as in Enterprise Search instances) available in different deployment templates, stay tuned. But for now, to stay in Elastic Cloud, you will have to move your indices to an Enterprise Search templated deployment.

There's the App Search Logstash plugin which can help there.

It's worth noting that App Search is always backed by a "regular" Elasticsearch deployment. And, of course, with the self-managed binary, you can have App Search backed by an existing Elasticsearch deployment. App Search will create its own indices, so please resource accordingly!


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