Timeframe for Enterprise Search in Elastic Cloud?

Hello, i want to deploy an appsearch instance in elastic cloud.
I see that it's 7.7 version (now called Enterprise search) isn't yet available.

Since it's a new deploy, I'd like to know when Enterprise Search will be available, so I can decide if I should wait for it, or depoy the 7.6 Appsearch and then make a migration


Hey @gpribi,

That's a good question. We are very excited about the new Elastic Enterprise Search product and are working to make sure it will be available on Elastic Cloud and Elastic Cloud Enterprise shortly. You can expect Enterprise Search to be support in an upcoming ECE minor version. We can't communicate specific timelines but feel free to contact our support team or your account manager for more details.

I do want to note that we will offer a migration path from App Search to Enterprise Search when upgrading from 7.6 to 7.7+. The migration will require putting the App Search deployment into a read-only mode while migrating. Once the migration is completed you can switch to the new Enterprise Search deployment.

Hope this helps.

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