Migrating to Enterprise Search - No compatible templates found

I am currently running an App Search instance on ElasticSearch service. I was trying to migrate to Enterprise Search in order to upgrade to ElasticSearch 7.8. However, I'm not able to proceed beyond Step 2, as there are 'No compatible templates found'

We don't have critical data, and so I retried it after deleting our engines, and this error persists.

After doing some more messing around, I've realized that this maybe has to do with the fact that App Search is only available for Elasticsearch 6.8, and not 7.8

I need version 7.7+ in order to configure the maximum document size limit to more than 100kb for a project I'm working on (#app_search.engine.document_size.limit).

Is it possible for us to have App Search run on Elasticsearch version 7.7+
If App Search isn't available for v7.7, is there some rough ETA on when it will be available?

That does not sound right. Here is the docs for Elastic App Search 7.8. Maybe it is an upgrade issue? If you do not get an answer here I would recommend you contact support.

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My guess now is that Elasticsearch hasn't updated their Cloud service to deploy App Search 7.7 or 7.8 yet. Have gotten in touch with customer support, waiting for their response.

We release pretty much everything at the same time, so if 7.8 is available on Elasticsearch Service, then 7.8 for App Search will also be available.

This is no longer an issue for me. I didn't migrate to the new Enterprise Search, I instead deployed a new instance.

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