Creating App Search with Terraform?

We are in the early stages of exploring App Search and really like the abstraction on Elasticsearch as it gets up going much faster, the console lets us get a feel for the available parameters and autoscaling promises much.

However, this is all manually configured and with intricate tuning opportunities with synonyms, weights etc there is a real risk that we lose control of the precise configuration. We also want to be able to rapidly deploy resources to dev/test/prod environments so we really need to be able to make these deployments through a tool such as Terraform, but don't want to lose the benefits of the abstraction by having to try to learn to roll our own from the bottom up.

I have watched the Terraform video and reviewed the repo, which suggest that what I am looking for does not exist? App Search configuration via Terraform on the list ?

Or is there an example stack that could be made available to allow us to stand up an App Search instance with best practices incorporated?

Both are great developments, nicely done as well. They just need to meet up.


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Not even a no ??

Hi Andy,

You have likely seen the merged PR for deploying Enterprise Search from August 2020 deploymentresource: Add support for EnterpriseSearch resource type by karencfv · Pull Request #37 · elastic/terraform-provider-ec · GitHub

the source repo has an example file. For the settings (synonyms, weights, etc) there are some general examples which include initialization such as:

That said, unfortunately I don't see anything yet which combines the two. Can you please submit a git issue to the repo with your request?

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