Preparing Enterprise Search (Workplace and App Search) for Production


I want to use Enterprise Search incl. Workplace and App Search at a large scale. Is there any documentation on how to prepare Enterprise Search for production?

I know that there is such documentation for Kibana Kibana Production and also Elasticsearch Elasticsearch Production

I am looking for something similar.

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Hi @sebastianboelling , thanks for your interest in scaling Enterprise Search!

I'm not aware of an aggregated document on running Enterprise Search at scale, but I'll pass that suggestion along to our team.

In the meantime, I can point you to a few resources that you may find useful:

  • In 8.0+, when you create an Engine, you can override the default number of shards and specify a larger number of shards.
  • You may also be interested in dynamic index settings such as index.auto_expand_replicas, and controlling hot spots through settings like index.routing.allocation.total_shards_per_node.
  • For App Search, I believe you'll be interested in meta engines, which allow you to create an engine built off of multiple other engines - this is often preferable to having a single monolithic engine.
  • For Workplace search, you can partition the data for each Workplace Search connector using multiple service accounts/content sources.

Good luck with your scaling!

Hey Sebastian! I'm curious if you might be able to share what type of scale you're researching? You have my email if you'd prefer to not share in the forum!

Hi @Kathleen_DeRusso,

Many thanks for your useful tips, which I will take into account accordingly. I am also interested on your team results - if available once.

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Hi @Serena_Chou,

I'll respond to you directly per Mail. But I was able to clarify most of my questions in a conversation with Eva R. and @Markus_Klose. Many thanks to them.

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