Unable to Connect Workplace Search Kibana

Hi there!

I'm using Elastic Cloud and I'm having trouble configuring Workplace Search in Kibana. I'm able to access Workplace Search through stand alone Enterprise Search, but I'm unable to access through Kibana.

The error that I recieve is:

Unable to connect
We can’t establish a connection to Enterprise Search at the host URL: http://26c5bb6c354f46fe93bc3651f5617464.containerhost:9244

Any thoughts on where to troubleshoot?

Hi @connorrussell,

Sorry to hear things are not working. From what you are describing, it sounds like Enterprise Search instance is running and healthy. The error that you're seeing can sometimes be transient, when Enterprise Search is only just starting, and then the error goes away with refreshing the page. If that doesn't happen, please file a support case, so we can look into your instance configuration specifically.

Good luck!