Enterprise search on k8s can't connect to the kibana

Hi I wanted to install Enterprise Search on my k8s cluster. I did it according to this instruction: Configuration | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [2.9] | Elastic

The problem is that not enterprise search can not connect to kibana. This error appears in the logs:
[app-server][WARN]: Failed to connect to Kibana backend. Make sure it is running and healthy.

The configuration looks like this:

apiVersion: enterprisesearch.k8s.elastic.co/v1
kind: EnterpriseSearch
  name: elasticsystem
  namespace: elastic-system
  version: 8.9.0
  count: 1
    name: elasticsystem
    kibana.host: https://elasticsystem-kb-http:5601
    elasticsearch.ssl.enabled: true
    kibana.startup_retry.enabled: true
    kibana.startup_retry.interval: 10

Kibana is working, and i can exec into the enterprise pod and curl website via
curl -k https://elasticsystem-kb-http:5601

> k get kibana
elasticsystem green    2       8.9.0     76d

Is something missing from my setup?

Ok. I successfully solved this problem.
I changed log_level to debug (log_level: debug) and got the information that it's a problem with CA bundle.
If anyone had a similar problem I recommend turning log_level to debug at least for a while to see more information in the logs :slight_smile:

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