Automatically remove older indexes from alias

I have an elastic search alias named "enrich" and it is defined in index template. How can I remove indices older than 15 days from "enrich" alias automatically?

I am aware of below command but this is manual and I am looking for an automatic solution.
POST /_aliases
"actions" : [
{ "remove" : { "index" : "test1", "alias" : "enrich" } }

thanks for helping.

I don't think there's a solution out of the box. But if you're naming your indices correctly (with a timestamp for example) that should not be hard for you to write a script which does that.

That being said maybe you can do something with ILM when moving from a hot/warm tier/phase to a cold tier/phase....

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thanks for the info. I have to keep the index in hot-warm phase and cant move to cold phase . However I will look into the script option to remove index from alias as suggested.

thanks for the help...

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