Automating ES installation with ECK via Helm

I would like to automate the installation of Elasticsearch via ECK on a cloud provider via helm.

I don't want to prematurely go and install the custom kubernetes resource of kind: Elasticsearch before the operator is fully initialized and running.

So my question is what guarantees ECK is fully up and running ? Asking this so that I could test for that before proceeding to install Elasticsearch

Appreciate any response.

Hey @Aravind,

You can probably check the readiness status of ECK StatefulSet. When deployed in the default elastic-system namespace, you can retrieve the number of replicas ready with:

kubectl get statefulset elastic-operator -n elastic-system --template='{{.status.readyReplicas}}'

If it returns 1, then it means the single Pod of this StatefulSet is ready, which means ECK itself is ready.

By the way, it is safe to deploy any Elasticsearch resource even though ECK is not deployed or running, as long as the CRD manifests are deployed. ECK will just pick-up any Elasticsearch resource created beforehand when it starts.