Provision ECK - no pods are created


I am trying to provision an ECK cluster, after I create the Elasticsearch operator, no pods or statefulset are created. I cannot view any logs. kubectl describe elasticsearch (name) does not give me any events. I also used the ECK support tool to extract all the logs from the ns and did not find any errors.

Is there some other logs which I can check ?


Hey @charlot_Attard!

ECK is a k8s operator which orchestrates Elastic applications. Installing the operator into your cluster does not automatically create any Elastic Stack resources. You need to declaratively define which resources are deployed. These resources and their attributes are defined in a manifest file. We have a really good "getting started" example in the docs which will deploy a basic Elasticsearch cluster with one ES node (pod):

Deploy an Elasticsearch cluster | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [2.4] | Elastic

After deploying the app, you can check that it is deployed and healthy by running: kubectl get elasticsearch

Hope that works out for you :beers:

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