Autorefresh on multiple indicators

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Hello there,

I have a dashboard composed of multiple metrics built with Visual builder, and a data table visualization.
The information must be refreshed every 5 seconds - the dataset is not large, the Elastic documents are constantly being replaced by a unique key.
Seems like the refreshing of the values is not done all at the same time for all indicators; although the data source is the same, there are differences on the counts and sums throughout the time.
Is this to be expected ? I'd like to understand so as to explain to the end users.

Thank you

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Most of the basic visualizations operate on batching for a single bulk request sent to Elasticsearch. When using these visualizations I would expect the data to be consistent. Some more complex visualizations like Timelion and Visual Builder handle the data for each visualization. While all of these requests should be fairly close in time, I would not consider them to be consistent.

(Luís Jeremias) #3

Ok, thank you. Makes sense with what I see.

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