Autosuggester for parts from products/title with ES5


since weeks i am searching the best way to do a suggester/completer for my products. I found some nice tutorials like: but no one could help me.

I have some products in my Index with titles. For example:
"Apple iPhone 5s, 32GB", "Apple iPad Pro, 9.7, 32GB" "Sony xPeria, Handy" "Google Pixel, Handy"

So my Problem now is the search=>suggest i want to get:
"a" => "apple"
"pix" => "pixel"
"apple i" => "apple iphone, apple ipad"
"handy g" => "handy google"
"handi" => "handy"
"apple ifone" => "apple iphone"

Everytime i got the full title as response. Like search for "sony h" i got "sony xperia, handy" instead of "sony handy"

Is there a way to get this problem solved with the current suggesters? And if yes, how could i solve this?

Thanks in advance!!!

hello again,
I tried last days and tried to get support everywhere, but without success :frowning:
Is it possible that there is no way to solve this problem with ES?

Thanks in advance!

i just done it with "complete" suggester, but now it shows me 100 times e.G. "apple" is it possible to group this results and order by frequency?


I'd recommend watching this video.

Its kind of old but gives a good walk through of how to use the completion suggester.

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