Average age

So, I have a database whith personal information where we calculate the age of the people using the birthdate, the problem is that I want to calculate the average age of the population, but I have a problems: scalability. Currently my database has only 52 intros, but I am planning to have thousands, and a have a json with thousands or dozens of thousands may be a problem to my RAM.

  1. Is there a way to choose what fields I want it to return?

  2. How can I use the "size" parameter on the "search" function of the python library?

Thanks very much for you attention!

Looks into the avg aggregation. You can give it a script to do the subtraction. That way you don't need to do the math on your side.

ES builds a columnar store of the fields on index to make aggregations generally pretty quick. I'd expect averaging a few thousand ages to be basically instant, all other things being equal.

Thank you very much!

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