Avoiding unneccessary datashuffling during datanode downtime


Running ES 5.6.16 on a three-node cluster (all master-eligible, two data-nodes). Will soon perform maintenance (one node at a time) which will take 2 hours tops per node. When one of the data-nodes will be down, I want to minimize the amount of data-shuffling that occurs and the way I understand it is that if you want availability, you need to at least let the replicas on the remaining data-node be promoted to primaries which is totally understandable and fine. But what I would like to avoid is the creation of new replicas.

I'd appreciate your feedback regarding these two options:

  1. Setting cluster.routing.allocation.enable to "primaries". I'm guessing this also includes the scope of "new_primaries" in case some index would roll-over.

  2. Setting index.unassigned.node_left.delayed_timeout to a high enough value, say 2h.

What would the difference between these two be and which one would be more appropriate for my situation?


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