Avro Schema convert to Elasticsearch mapping

I saw the below issue on this forum

So I made this project for solving it.

It has two features.
First, you can load Avro schema using Registry API
Secondly, you can convert Avro schema to Elasticsearch Mapping simplify

Thank you!

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@happyprg Where is this project? Is it open source? How can I use it?

Of course.
You can find out at here

Please use it.

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And if you need it. I will prepare online converter,
Then you dont need to run application

Hi @happyprg

that's a nice solution you have provided.

I have to implement something like the below and create a design. Please see if you have any inputs for this -

I want to get the schema information stored in schema registry to elastic search with out using Elastic connector provided which loads the payload from kafka to ELK.
My use case states to move only the schema information from schema registry to Elastic search, without involving into payload from kafka to elastic search.

I am consuming schema information through REST api into registry, but how can i move the data from registry to ELK stack?

I think the above solution helps, but just wanted to understand in detail.

wam regards,

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