AWS Cloudwatch Metricset module and Cloudwatch Input Plugin - logstash

I want to get metric from aws cloudwatch for this we have two options:
1 . cloudwatch input plugin - logstash
2 . aws cloudwatch metricset module  - metricbeat

So here is my question:
Which one is more reliable?
@jsvd @Kaiyan_Sheng 


I guess that Logstash can scale more easily than Metricbeat however in this case scaling should not be something to consider since you are the one setting the period of collection. In this regard, Metricbeat comes with pre-built dashboards for AWS monitoring so you can leverage them.

@Kaiyan_Sheng anything else to mention here?

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I would also consider Not sure whether to use Logstash or Beats | Metricbeat Reference [7.11] | Elastic here :slight_smile:

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