AWS discovery doesn't work

I am using the official elasticseach ansible role to setup 2 master nodes with the following configuration....

  - role: elasticsearch
      es_config: {
        discovery.zen.hosts_provider: ec2, us-west-2,
        discovery.ec2.tag.APPLICATIONROLE: "{{env|upper}}_ELASTICSEARCH_NODE_MASTER",
        discovery.ec2.tag.APPLICATIONENV: "{{env|upper}}",
        http.port: 9200,
        transport.tcp.port: 9300, false,
        node.master: true
        - plugin: discovery-ec2
      es_plugins_reinstall: true
      es_major_version: "5.x"
      es_version: "5.4.2"
      es_cluster_name: "{{env}}_elasticsearch"
      es_instance_name: "{{inventory_hostname}}"

AWS discovery doesn't work although the service has started and running. I don't see anything related to AWS in the logs. It loads the discover_ec2 plugin as per the logs then uses discovery type [zen]. Logs are clean mostly but I don't see any AWS related info in those logs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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