AWS EC2 configuration for remote access?

I installed ElasticSearch on AWS EC2 instance and then I installed app-search on a local Linux box and I can connect and run it fine. Now I want to put app-search on a new AWS EC2 and connect to it remotely for the admins in my office. When I install app-search on AWS I can curl port localhost:3002 and get a response but I can't connect to it remotely using the IP address. So I cangee app-search.yml so to use my AWS public IP address and now it errors out. Any ideas on the best way to configure it so I can connect to app-search remotely? Here is my app-search.yml settings:

allow_es_settings_modification: true   #AWS ElasticSearch public IP
elasticsearch.ssl.enabled: false
#works if I just do localhost:3002
#using AWS app-search public IP causes bin/app-search to crash
app_search.listen_port: 3002



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