Aws elasticsearch not starting

Elasticsearch hosted in aws is not starting because of out of space issue How can i resolve this.
How can i delete indices without starting elasticsearch

Is it an elasticsearch instance that you installed on an ec2 server yourself or the hosted elasticsearch service that aws is providing?

elasticsearch instance that I
installed on an ec2 server

Which version?

version is

Please tell me how to delete some indices from elasticsearch without starting starting it

I know the question. No need to ask again.

You can go in the data dir in nodes/0/indices if I recall correctly and remove from there.
The hard part will be to identify which directory name is the one you want to delete.

Normally you start elasticsearch and run the _cat/indices API to know.

Here I don't really know.

But before doing that could you share elasticsearch logs?

What type of instance and storage are you using? Might it be possible to extend storage?

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