AWS ElasticSearch Service - Live-Live Replication across Regions

Hi Everybody,

I would need a suggestion for Disaster recovery scenario.

Currently, we have an AWS ElasticSearch instance(version 7.4) that acts as a data source for Jaeger. This instance sits in Virginia region (us-east-1), our primary region, having 2 nodes. We are setting another ElasticSearch instance in Oregon(us-east-2) that will act as our DR region.

Now, we want both the regions to remain live all the time and we need to enable replication from Primary region to DR. In this case, if the Primary region fails, we would only have to switch the DNS to DR region and our data will be available.

I am not sure if cross-cluster replication across the regions would work here/ CCR in AWS ElasticSearch 7.4 would work.

Could anybody provide inputs if this can be achieved through CCR or any other approach.


CCR is not supported on the AWS version sorry to say. You would need to upgrade to the Elasticsearch Service that runs on AWS to get this.

This means you'd need to roll your own, by replicating the data from the source (ie multiple outputs), or use a queue and then fork the data.


Thank you for confirming on that. We are on the latest AWS ElasticSearch service version. Hopefully, AWS ElasticSearch Service would provide support for rest of the versions as well.

CCR is a set of functionality that will not be supported on the AWS service.

Oh, alright, Mark! Thanks for your inputs.

Have a look at and ?

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