Aws managed elastic search

Hi, I am trying to create a 2 node aws managed elasticsearch. I am having trouble creating it.
I am running my backend services inside a VPC. the filter service has all the elasticsearch codes and resides in a private subnet connected to a loadbalancer. I want the elasticsearch to be accessible only by the systems within my vpc. when I try to create I am having trouble understanding

  1. Access policy settings
  2. Fine-grained access control

can someone please help me tackle this

Hi @Hariharan_Raj welcome to the elastic community.

Exactly how / where did you deploy Elasticsearch?

Elastic Cloud directly?

Or Elastic Cloud through the AWS marketplace?

When I read this it looks like you are Running AWS OpenSearch?

Which one are you using?

OpenSearch/OpenDistro are AWS run products and differ from the original Elasticsearch and Kibana products that Elastic builds and maintains. You may need to contact them directly for further assistance.

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Hi @stephenb , Thank you so much for your time and reply. I am trying to create a domain in AWS opensearch with elasticsearch 7.10v. I have all the elasticsearch code in my backend service, running in the aws inside a vpc, I want to create this AWS opensearch domain (with elasticsearch 7.10) and want to access it from my backend service from my vpc. (P.s I already got hacked keeping it public)

Context: I was tasked with creating realtime alerts, so i choose elasticsearch for its fater querying and also for its percolate mapping feature and have coded all the business logic and tested it locally and its working as intended. Now I want to create a AWS manages opensearch so that my backend code in my vpc can access it and perform the functions. I need help creating the domain, I dont understand access policy, finegrained access and what to give under the network options. and once the domain is created, what to change in my elasticclient file so that my backend running can access it

I'm not going to be able to help you much with that... Perhaps someone else can.

Mixing and matching OpenSearch and Elasticsearch is not a great plan Not even sure exactly what you mean.

Second, 7.10 is ancient and if you want to do alerting you should be using the latest elasticsearch the capabilities have come so far.

The basic free version of Elasticsearch is excellent with a very permissive license.

If you want to use opensearch I would visit there forum.

Hi @stephenb can you please help me setup the elastic cloud, All I need help with is a creating a 2 node cluster with 10gb storage and an endpoints or url accessible from my code

You can sign up for Elastic Cloud here, this is the hosted solution.

Here are the documents

what would the pricing be for a month for a basic version of this?

For a tiny cluster... Standard Subscription

$0.0468 hour x 720 hours/ month = $34 / month.

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