AWS Module in Metricbeat

I am currently in the process of implementing the aws module in Metricbeat. I have followed the documentation for setup and everything looks ok. However, I am getting the following error:

beat: Exiting: 1 error: 1 error: error creating aws metricset: Failed DescribeRegions: EmptyStati cCreds: static credentials are empty

Here is the metricbeat.yml configuration for the aws module.

  • module: aws
    period: 300s
    • ec2
      access_key_id: '{AWS_SESSION_TOKEN: "access_id"}' secret_access_key: '{SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: "secret"}'
      default_region: '${DEFAULT_REGION:us-east-1}'

The server is Centos7. The only module enabled is the aws module. I have the policy setup, but it appears to not get to that point.

Any ideas?


Please use triple backticks ``` to enclose config when you post on the forum because its yaml and the indentation is critical.
As is we can’t read the config snippet you posted.

Once that is done I’m pretty sure I can try this module on my metricbeat testing floor as we use AWS too and I want to see this module in action anyway to consider its use. So I’ll see if I can repro your issue. (Of course if someone spot the problem and can help in the interim they will too)

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