Metricbeat AWS Module Issues

Hi All,

Have been trying to use the aws module in metrcibeat and have included all the related credentials required for authentication but it fails and gives the following error

But the same credentials when used in java sdk it has been working and also getting the results
Here is the config

- module: aws
period: 300s
- 'ec2'
access_key_id: 'ACCESS_KEY'
secret_access_key: 'SECRET_KEY'
default_region: us-west-1


Hi @Ganesh999 :slightly_smiling_face:

Lots of problems comes from incorrect YAML indentation in the configuration like the one you posted, can you double check the indentation to ensure that it's correct?

Thanks Mario for quick reply

I know about the indentation in yml file. Sorry while pasting the above config
Below is the snip of what i am configuring in the aws.yml file

The issue it gives is same

When no regions are specified by default it will poll in ever region but still I am getting the above error
Also in java using aws sdk it is working fine


I think your config is correct and looking at Metricbeat code I can only assume that the error is when trying to get the regions description from your account. Maybe you don't do this call in your Java code flow? I think you can workaround this by specifying a region in the config.

Check that you have the correct permissions as described here:

Hi Mario,

Have given the user the Administrator Access which is indirectly full access.
Have did the Describe Region request using same credentials in java and also got the following output

Okay :slightly_frowning_face: @Kaiyan_Sheng maybe you can help here?

Hi! Everything seems right here hmm Could you paste your whole aws.yml file here please? I'm wondering if there are some sections that have missing credentials. Just for testing, you can try only enabling ec2 instance:

- module: aws
  period: 5m
  access_key_id: ASIAWH...
  secret_access_key: KBgK3OP...
    - ec2


Hi @Kaiyan_Sheng

Below is the snap of aws.yml

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