AWS SNS not getting metrics, return a weird error

Hello, I deployed the ELK stack on Kubernetes. I have configured all the metrics for AWS SNS, SQS, Cloudwatch, etc. All the metrics setup on metricbeat works but SNS metric set returns a weird error.
Here is my config:
module: aws labels.dedot: true metricsets: - ec2 - s3_request - s3_daily_storage - rds - sqs - sns - elb - cloudwatch metrics: - namespace: "AWS/ElastiCache" - namespace: "AWS/SNS" - namespace: "AWS/SQS" - namespace: "AWS/RDS" period: 300s access_key_id: '${AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID:""}' secret_access_key: '${AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY:""}' session_token: '${AWS_SESSION_TOKEN:""}' default_region: '${AWS_REGION:eu-west-1}'

Here is my error

I've moved this to the metricbeat topic since it doesn't appear that this post has anything to do with heartbeat.

Hi @odirionyeo, is this error from on a specific part of the dashboard? Have you tried refresh the kibana index by navigating to Management > Index patterns and "Refresh" the index you're using (most likely, "metricbeat")?

We were able to fix this issue, there was no data on cloudwatch for pulling the metrics. Thank you

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