AWS Cloudwatch - Cant collect s3 tags from AWS/S3 namespace

Hi, i'm using metricbeat 7.5.1. I'm trying to collect daily storage metrics and s3 bucket tags with the cloudwatch metricset, but its failing to collect tags. I have succeeded to describe the tags in my aws account with AWS CLI and 'AWS Resource Groups Tagging API - get-resources' using 's3' in the resource type filter parameter. this is my Cloudwatch metric set configuration:

    - module: aws
      period: 86400s
        - cloudwatch   
        - namespace: AWS/S3
          tags.resource_type_filter: s3

Can anyone help me figure out what could have go wrong here?
Thanks in advance.

:slightly_smiling_face: You found a bug! I was able to reproduce this problem and and I just created an issue for this in github Thank you so much for reporting this! I will work on the fix asap.

Thanks again for finding out this bug! I just pushed a PR for fixing it:

Amazing. Thank you Kaiyan !

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