AWS integration CloudWatch tags filter


I am trying to collect metrics from only a subset of resources with the AWS CloudWatch integration.
I used the following configuration:

- namespace: AWS/ApplicationELB
    - key: "Application"
      value: "myapp"

However, I am receiving data regardless of the tags I am filtering against. Is the tags filter broken or did I miss configured it?

AWS Integration 1.14.0
Fleet Agent 8.1.2

can i see the full yml?


That's the only thing I put.

However, it is possible to gather the tags by specifying the resource_type: elasticloadbalancing and filter at the search level.

I just want to know how you are ocnfiguring aws integration via the yml, as im trying to do the saem but i can't find any documentation on it. So seeing your full example would help me!

It seems the integration is using aws cloudwatch metricset under the hood.

You may find useful information on this page, but I admit the documentation is very sparse.


Right, and are you using ECK with fleet and elastic-agents?

I am not. Sorry.

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