AWS module - ELB Tags - 7.6.2


I would like to get only those ELBs which belongs to specific tags from my AWS infrastructure (Stage=production). I can't find any example of this on ELB specific site, but I get "tags_filter" on ec2 documentation, so I try to use that. I read this in main site: " Collecting tags for ec2 , cloudwatch , ebs and elb metricset is supported."

Here is my config:

  - module: aws
    period: 60s
      - elb
      - key: "Stage"
        value: "production"
    statistic: ["Average", "Sum"]

Kibana hits:


Metricbeat discover and send every ELB from my account.
Cluster is on elastic cloud and every module 7.6.2 (es, kibana, metricbeat).

Could someone help me, please?


I found the solution in 7.7 documentation.

Same workaround works on 7.6:

    - namespace: AWS/ELB
      tags.resource_type_filter: elasticloadbalancing
        - key: "Organization"
          value: "Engineering"

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