Azure-cloud-plugin for Elasticsearch 2.4.1


I searched for the azure-cloud-plugin for ES 2.4.1 but didn't find any offline link to download in
Can anyone give offline download link for the azure-cloud-plugin for ES 2.4.1 ?


Here we go:

Just adapt to your version or upgrade (recommended)

Thanks david ..
But,I the version in the link which you have mentioned is for ES 2.4.4 ,i want for ES 2.4.1.


Yes. That's what I meant with "adapt to your version".

Sry i didn't get that part [quote="dadoonet, post:4, topic:75479"]
"adapt to your version".

Means you want me to upgrade my ES 2.4.1 to ES 2.4.4


No. I meant:

  • Take the URL from the link I pasted
  • Replace 2.4.4 with 2.4.1

Thanks david..
Thats what i thought :wink:

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