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Could you please help me with next issue?

I installed ES from Azure Market Place. I'm trying to configure Azure Repository plugin to manage snapshots using next command:

sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install repository-azure

But I'm getting issue that bin/elasticsearch-plugin command is not found. I've checked that this ES installment doesn't provide elasticsearch-plugin in bin directory.

Could you please advise how to resolve that issue?

Elasticsearch from the Azure Marketplace uses the Debian package to install Elasticsearch. To install the repository-azure plugin would need to use the following command on each Elasticsearch node:

sudo /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install repository-azure

Perhaps even easier however, is that you can install the ARM template with the repository-azure plugin included, from Elastic's GitHub repository. A simple install might look like the following with Azure CLI 2.0 (change argument values to ones that make sense for you :smile:)

az login

az account set --subscription "<subscription id>"

#create the resource group for a storage account
az group create --name "<storage rg>" --location "<location>"

# create the storage account for snapshots
az storage account create -n "<storage name>" -g "<storage rg>" -l "<location>" --sku Standard_LRS

# create the resource group for Elastic stack
az group create --name "<name>" --location "<location>"


# deploy Elastic stack
az group deployment create \
  --resource-group "<name>" \
  --template-uri $template_base_uri/$template_version/src/mainTemplate.json \
  --parameters _artifactsLocation=$template_base_uri/$template_version/src/ \
               esVersion=7.4.0 esClusterName=elasticsearch \
               vmDataDiskCount=1 dataNodesAreMasterEligible=Yes \
               adminUsername=russ adminPassword=Password1234 \
               securityBootstrapPassword=bootstrapPassword123 \
               securityAdminPassword=adminPassword123 \
               securityKibanaPassword=kibanaPassword123 \
               securityLogstashPassword=logstashPassword123 \
               securityBeatsPassword=beatsPassword123 \
               securityApmPassword=apmPassword123 \
               securityRemoteMonitoringPassword=remoteMonitoringPassword123 \
               azureCloudPlugin=Yes azureCloudStorageAccountName="<storage name>" \
               azureCloudStorageAccountResourceGroup="<storage rg>" 

This is the same underlying ARM template as used by the Azure Marketplace, and I would recommend doing this, once you've had a chance to try Elasticsearch from the Azure Marketplace. Doing so means you can have repeatable deployments from the repository,when targeting a specific tagged release, as well as the ARM template exposing more features than are available in the Marketplace, which is intentionally simpler.

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Thank you so much! It resolved my issue!

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