Azure - Elastic Template Installation issue

I have installed Elastic and Kibana using the template available in Azure. During the installation it asked me to set the passwords for es_admin, es_read, es_kibana user accounts in shield. The installation went well and when I tried to access the Kibana using :5601, it asks me for username/pwd and I provided es_kibana /. Once it accepted that, it takes me to this error page.

Upon further reading, it look like I have to set the roles properly to es_kibana account. My question is,

  1. Did anybody else have the same issue? I don't see anybody else reporting this issue.
  2. Since this is a template the ES location in the VMs are all over the place, I finally found the roles.yml in once server but not sure if I have to do the modification in each one of the server in the cluster.
  3. Why OOB th template doesn't work ? the reason we go with the template is to cut down the wiring up time and something that we can use reliably. How to fix this?

Any help to resolve this issue is highly appreciated.


Are you able to login with the es_admin account that was setup for shield?

Not in the Kibana machine.

But if I access the ES Server directly, I am able to use the es_admin account and able to do what ever I need.