Azure Repository Plugin OnPremise

Hi ElasticsearchTeam,

We are trying to do the setup for Azure repository on Azure Stack Environment and we have followed the below link and steps to do the setup .


cd /usr/share/elasticsearch/
echo $AZURE_DEFAULT_ACCOUNT | bin/elasticsearch-keystore add --stdin azure.client.default.account
echo $AZURE_DEFAULT_KEY | bin/elasticsearch-keystore add --stdin azure.client.default.key
echo $AZURE_DEFAULT_ENDPOINTPREFIX | bin/elasticsearch-keystore add --stdin azure.client.default.endpoint_suffix
systemctl restart elasticsearch
systemctl status elasticsearch
curl -X POST "localhost:9200/_nodes/reload_secure_settings?pretty"

curl -XPUT "http://:9200/_snapshot/es_snapshot" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'
"type": "azure",
"settings": {
"container": "elkcore",
"base_path": "backups",
"compress": true

but we are unable to connect to Azure Repo. and getting the below error

{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"repository_verification_exception","reason":"[es_snapshot] path [backups] is not accessible on master node"}],"type":"repository_verification_exception","reason":"[es_snapshot] path [backups] is not accessible on master node","caused_by":{"type":"i_o_exception","reason":"Can not write blob master.dat","caused_by":{"type":"storage_exception","reason":"storage_exception: The server encountered an unknown failure: ","caused_by":{"type":"i_o_exception","reason":""}}}},"status":500}

  1. Our storage account endpoint is not getting updated.

Below is our environment detail

Elasticsearch Version : 6.4
Cluster : 4 node cluster
Azure Stack onpremise environment.

kindly loop while replying.

looking forward your assistance ASAP.


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