Azure repository snapshot error


We're using the Azure plugin for backup.
In general it works good, but every once in a while we're seeing this error:

IndexShardSnapshotFailedException[java.lang.RuntimeException: access denied (\"\" \"\" \"connect,resolve\")]; nested: RuntimeException[ access denied (\"\" \"\" \"connect,resolve\")]; nested: AccessControlException[access denied (\"\" \"\" \"connect,resolve\")];

On some of the shards in a snapshot.
Running the backup again works, but I would like to get it working on the first run.

Any idea how to approach this?

This is strange. But I suspect something wrong on azure side.

May be that on azure we should retry before failing though? @Igor_Motov thoughts?

I have never seen this one. I would love to know more: elasticsearch, JVM and OS versions, stack trace, how elasticsearch was installed, etc.

I just rechecked and the last time we got this error was the 26/11, and we are backing up on an hourly basis, so I guess its gone now.

I'll update this ticket if I see it again.

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