Azure Virtual Machine Discovery

Not understanding direction here.  I have done this on GCE and works fine spinning up new nodes without restarting nodes.

I have a 3 node cluster on azure ubuntu installed.  How should I configure the eslasticsearch.yml?

This looks like it ;points to the cloud  service correct?  I do not have the azure cloud ES service in my case.
    > cloud:
    >     azure:
    >         management:
    >     XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX
    >     es-demo-app
    >              keystore:
    >                    path: /path/to/azurekeystore.pkcs12
    >                    password: WHATEVER
    >                    type: pkcs12
    > discovery:
    >     seed_providers: azure
Here is what I sue in GCP and works great. _gce_
      project_id: rrc101-196516
      zone: [us-east1-b, us-east1-c, us-east1-d]
      zen.hosts_provider: gce

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