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Below is the discussion thread with David.
I have a few follow up questions, so thought it is better to post in the
mail group as per his suggestion.

Please help me understand/design for my scenario with the topology of

I am looking at various data sources for my users (call them user1, user2,
user3.. source1, source2, ..)

Now from my understanding of the topology of elastic search it makes sense
to have the users map to individual indices, and have the sources map to
corresponding types. Now my question is as follows.

The data I am looking at from these sources is chronological and search
ranges over a timestamp, where i have to aggregate data from the sources for
a given user. From this requirement, it makes sense if i map the time as a
split (either in days, hours, etc..) and assign them to types, so my new
design model would become.

user1 -> source1_T1, source2_T2, source1_T2.

Is there a better design, how do people solve this problem ? Is there a
bottleneck on number of types loaded under a particular index on the memory
? (i.e I don't want to load the complete index to just search data within a

Hey Ashwin,

Answers inline

David Pilato | Technical Advocate |
@dadoonet | @elasticsearchfr | @scrutmydocs

Le 6 sept. 2013 à 09:05, R Ashwin Sathya a écrit

Hi dadoonet,

I was the determinant_ in IRC. Thanks a lot for your guidance in setting up
elastic search on azure.
FYI, I was able to successfully setup a 3-node cluster in azure using
Windows VMs. However, i had to hack through the firewall to let them talk to
each other, so I thought I would understand the internals a bit deeper.

I think all your instances are not behind the same end point, right?
What gives the following command?
azure vm list

What ports/communication do the nodes use for communication ? Is this the
channel used for replication of data ?
The reason I am asking the first question is to identify a minimal set of
ports to enable in the firewall that way I can create an automated solution.

9300-9399. If you have only one node per machine (recommended), then only
9300 (default)

I am also looking into Java Service Wrapper/ESWrapper for making ES run as a
service so that azure related restarts are taken care of.

Sadly on 64bits instances, JSW is not free. Have a look at:

You have to know that we are working on building an
elasticsearch-install.exe file (or something) which will simplify this and
will help a lot to run ES as a service on windows.
I don't have any ETA on that.

Hope this helps
BTW, you should ask your questions on the mailing list as it could help
other users who are looking for the same information.

Feel free to copy this thread there.


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