Backport of a Lucene bugfix (Lucene 9.0/ES 8.0)?

We are migrating from ES 6.8 to ES 7.17 and encountered a bug during indexing for some complex shapes. It turns out the issue is a tessellation bug in Lucene that has been fixed in Lucene 9.0 (see [LUCENE-9580] Tessellator failure for a certain polygon - ASF JIRA)

Since we cannot migrate to ES 8.0 yet (that requires a full reindexing that cannot be done yet), I would like to have the Lucene bugfix backported into a future ES 7.17.x release.
What is the path to follow ? I can submit a PR to Lucene so that a next 8.11.y release of Lucene (the branch used on ES 7.17) includes this patch. Is there a chance this potential new Lucene release will be intergrated into a future ES 7.17.x release ?

Thanks !

Hi @mhugo,

It would be grate if you open a PR in Lucene. I cannot assure you that the change will be integrated in Elasticsearch but adding it in Lucene 8.11 will be the first step. I think it will be worthy to open an issue in the Elasticsearch repository as well so we can discuss possible options.

Aplogies for the hassle.

Thanks for your answer. I'll submit a PR on Lucene and open an issue on Elasticsearch then.

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