Backup Elasticsearch without shared folder

(David Tvaltchrelidze) #1

At the moment, to create repository, it needs shared folder which is accessible from every node. There are some plugins which allow to backup into cloud. Why ES needs centralized place to create backup(In centralized I mean places which every node can access)? What is a reason it's impossible to backup every node separately?
Thank you

(Mark Walkom) #2

Snapshots are taken at a shard level and shards are distributed across all nodes in the cluster.

The repository can be a local filesystem path, just as long as that path is available on all nodes.

(David Tvaltchrelidze) #3

Hello Mark,
Thank you for your answer. I tried to create repository without shared folder between nodes. The folder exists on all nodes, but they are not shared. I am getting this exception:

RepositoryVerificationException[[my_backup] store location [/home/[user]/backup] is not shared between node [[data-node][tE21ogBnQHSW-HyZnS8hYQ][data-node-hostname][inet[/ip:9300]]{master=false}] and the master node]

I think master node creates blob and then data nodes are checking if it's there:

My question is: Why it needs to be a shared folder? Or if it's not true, how to avoid this exception?

Thank you

(David Tvaltchrelidze) #4

The solution:

After ES 1.4, there is a flag to disable folder verification.

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