Backup of Elasticsearch using velero

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I'm running Elastic search cluster in k8s environment. And I'm using Velero and restic for the backup and restore.

But I'm not able to backup the elastic search cluster, as I could not freeze the volume using fsfreeze(which runs as pre-hook before backup)

stderr: fsfreeze: (opts & 1) ? FIFREEZE : FITHAW: Operation not permitted\n" backup=es-system/backup-namespace-20200609170614 group=v1 hookCommand="[fsfreeze --freeze /usr/share/elasticsearch/data]" hookContainer=fsfreeze hookName="<from-annotation>" hookOnError=Fail hookPhase=pre hookSource=annotation hookTimeout="{30s}" hookType=exec logSource="pkg/podexec/pod_command_executor.go:172" name=elasticsearch-master-1 namespace=elk resource=pods

Would you please help me how to achieve the freeze of Volume?


The only supported way to backup Elasticsearch is via the snapshot and restore APIs. File system level backups are not guaranteed to work at all, so relying on this is very risky.

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I would like to know is there any in-built command for quiesce/unquiesce elastic search. There should be some way to do it right? I'm just one step behind, could you please help me?

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If you use the snapshot api you can back up while the cluster is running.

I wanted to take backup on Minio (on-premise storage solution) would that be possible?

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Yes, I think you can use the S3 repository plugin with Minio.

Hi Christian,

My elasticsearch is running inside a Kubernetes cluster. How would I install that S3 plugin to that docker image?

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